The Co-operative Group


[[Image:St_Austell_Sponsor_coop_01.jpg|thumb|left|350px|alt=St Austell Lions outside the Coop, St Austell|St Austell Lions outside the Coop, St Austell]]

Everything from ethical banking and travel to great value local food and online shopping

The Co-operative Group is a unique family of businesses run by over two-and-a-half million members, and together we each have a say in how these businesses are run. In 2007 we had an annual turnover of £9.4 billion, with 87,000 employees serving around 10 million customers a week in over 4,000 high street branches and through online shopping.

We offer everything from food and financial services to travel, online shopping and healthcare. Our principles influence each of these businesses, which in turn reflect quality and value, honesty and social responsibility.

Our values influence the products and services of each of these businesses, showing that good quality products and value don’t have to come at the expense of honesty and social responsibility. Ethical Trading is what we are about.

[[Image:St_Austell_Sponsor_coop_logo.jpg|right|300px|alt=Co-op Logo]]We were founded on a set of Values and Principles that are just as relevant in today’s business climate as they were back in 1844. What has changed is the scope of those businesses as well as the complexity of the environment in which they operate. Back in 1844 we were a small-scale food retailer based in the North-West of England. Today we are a multi-faceted business with around a dozen separate operations, with interests throughout the UK and abroad.

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