St Austell Town Council

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Brian Palmer – Mayor St Austell Town Council 2010

St Austell Town Council was formed in June 2009, following the decision to move from District, Borough and County Councils to a Unitary Council for Cornwall. The Town Council elects 20 Councillors every four years across five Wards. The Wards are St Austell Bay, Bethel, Gover, Mount Charles and Poltair.

Medley of St Austell images

Medley of St Austell images

The Town Council has two members of staff who are based at the St Austell One Stop Shop, 39 Penwinnick Road, St Austell. Its aim is to make St Austell a better place to live and visit. Although very new, the Council is already making a difference. It has helped with the highly successful torchlight carnival, the produce market, the White River Place opening, the town centre Halloween celebrations and late night shopping events at Christmas.

The Council operates a small grants scheme and has already helped a number of local voluntary groups and charities with grants of up to £250. The Council reviews and comments on all planning applications relating to St Austell, it is consulted on many licensing and highways matters, it manages a small number of allotments, it monitors the services of the large agencies in the town, reporting problems and lobbying strongly for improvements in St Austell.

St Austell Council Logo

St Austell Council Logo

To learn more about the Town Council please visit our website

Alternatively, you can contact the Clerk
Telephone: 01726 223327

St Austell
One Stop Shop,

Room 26, 39 Penwinnick Road,
St Austell,
PL25 5DR