Public Transport in St Austell

Bus services in St Austell

Bus services in St Austell

This website is designed to encourage you to leave your car behind and use either public transport or enjoy St Austell’s facilities by foot or bicycle wherever possible. Just think of the benefits that would result if we all reduced our car use by just a few miles each week:

  •  Cost – Reduction in weekly fuel bills
  •  Convenience – No parking problems, no time wasted in Traffic queues
  • Environment – A reduction in air pollution. For instance if 30 people use the bus instead of using 30 cars to get to a location, less fuel will be used and therefore less carbon emmissions.
  • Health – If you are able to walk or cycle you are getting exercise; essential for a healthy body.
  • Enjoy St Austell – By walking or cycling you get to appreciate the countryside and the town at a leisurely pace.

If you want to find out more about enjoying St Austell Bay without the car, visit our Things to do pages which provide a wide range of activities to suit all tastes. For more information about public transport the Traveline website [] will help you plan your journey.