Recycling in St Austell

We can help to reduce energy consumption and raw materials used in manufacturing by reducing the amount of waste we produce, re-using products, and recycling them wherever possible.

Did you know that the UK produces about about 29 million tonnes (500kg per person) of domestic rubbish each year? Most of this goes into landfill sites which produces the second most important greenhouse gas, methane. If we recycle we can reduce this quantity and create a better more sustainable environment.

  • What can we recycle?
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Clothing
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Waste food

Household waste

St Austell has arguably the best recycling service within the county; there is a weekly kerbside collection in this area which is collected on the same day as the waste collection. Recycling is collected in coloured bags which can be ordered over the phone (0300 1234 141) or collected for free by the roll from the One Stop Shop in St. Austell.

Lilac bag
Aluminium foil – washed.
Cans – Food, drinks and aerosol cans. Please wash cans and ensure aerosols are empty.
Plastic bottles – Tops off, washed and squashed.

Green bag
Glass bottles and jars only.

Clear bag
Paper- Newspapers, magazines, BT and Thomson phone directories, catalogues and brochures, junk mail (remove plastic wrappings), white office paper, stationery and small amounts of shredded paper. Please leave Yellow Pages in a separate carrier bag.

Blue bag
Textiles – Clean, dry clothes, linen, curtains, duvets, pillows, handbags and shoes.

Flat pack and bundle
Cardboard compacted and contained as best as possible.

Garden waste

White garden waste sacks can be bought from Post offices, local stores, council offices and the Serco depot in St Austell for £1 and will be collected on a weekly basis along with your waste collection. For more information about garden waste collection you can contact the Council on: 0300 1234141. The Council do not currently offer discounted compost bins, but we will be looking at running another scheme later in the year.

Recycling points in St Austell

  • St Austell Polmarth Close [2nd St Austell Scouts]: Newspapers & pamphlets, mixed cans, glass
  • St Austell Palace Road [GWRSA]: Glass
  • St Austell Poltair School: Newspapers & pamphlets, mixed cans
  • St Austell Asda: Soft mixed paper, Newspaper & pamphlets, mixed plastic bottles,mixed cans, glass, textiles
  • St Austell Priory Car Park: Newspapers & pamphlets, mixed cans, glass, textiles, books
  • St Austell St John’s Church: Glass
  • St Austell Co-op: Newspapers & pamphlets, mixed cans, glass, textiles
  • St Austell B&Q: Textiles

St Austell main Recycling depot can be found on Menear Road,St Austell, PL25 3DG
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