St Mawgan, Newquay

The Falcon Inn, St Mawgan

The Falcon Inn, St Mawgan

St Mawgan is a pretty village sheltered within the valley of Lanherne. There is a lovely pub, local shop and cafe, gift shop, an unusual Bonsai Garden, a lovely park and an interesting church. There is also a footpath running through the village from which you can walk either west to Mawgan Porth or east to St Columb Major through the beautiful Vale of Lanherne.

Ken Langmaid a Newquay born resident wrote:

Mawgan-in-Pydar in the beautiful Vale of Lanherne is one of the most attractive villages in Cornwall. The north coast is usually thought of as bleak and treeless but the many wooded coombes, of which Lanherne is an example, give the lie to this. The little Mawgan trout stream (in which gold is supposed to have occurred), flowing down from the moors above St Columb to meet the sea at Mawgan Porth several miles up the coast from Newquay, is crossed here by a bridge on which several lanes converge.

The village lies peacefully amid the trees sheltered from winds and away from the main traffic routes. The atmosphere of calm and seclusion is reflected in the wonderful church with its old woodwork and interesting memorials and even more so in the Carmilite Convent of Lanherne occupying the great home of the Arundells. The nuns are completely cloistered but their chapel may be visited.

St Mawgan Church near Newquay by Keith Riley

St Mawgan Church near Newquay by Keith Riley

Mawgan has two notable crosses, one outside the aforementioned chapel and the other (a Gothic Lantern cross) in the churchyard. p the hill to the south there is a kind of terrace on which a housing estate has been sited (being the only suitable site). In preparing the site the remains of an ancient village

There are two charming walks from Mawgan, down the valley to Mawgan Porth following the ‘Windsor footpath’, or up through Carnanton Woods to St Columb Major. The woods and parkland of Carnanton are famed for their plant and bird life.

Before leaving St Mawgan most people will want to visit the pub – a real gem. The Falcon is one of the nicest country inns – full of atmosphere and, best of all, posessing the sweetest of beer gardens.