St Columb Minor, Newquay

Ken Langmaid, contributor to Discover Newquay Project

Ken Langmaid, contributor to Discover Newquay Project

Ken Langmaid, a Newquay born resident wrote:

This village is two miles from Newquay, of whose Urban District it forms part. The built up area already extends in a continuous belt from St. Columb to Newquay and the growth is still proceeding. Nevertheless the village manages to retain a character of its own, thanks to the fact that the main roads do not penetrate its heart but merely skirt around its perimeter. If one turns off the main road at Treviglas the fine new schools are passed and lower down the heart of St.Columb Minor is reached.

The Parish church, the mother church of Newquay, has a grand 15th Century tower, lofty and well proportioned.There are some compelling slate memorials, a late Norman font and a few pieces of old woodwork. From the bottom of the churchyard one can look down on the pretty Porth valley. By the church there are several old cottages. There used to be many more,but they were condemned and removed some years ago under a slum clearance scheme.

It will be noticed that many of the older buildings in St.Columb Minor are of golden brown stone. This is a local elvan form, obtained from a line of quarries to the east of the village . The Farmers Arms adjoins the churchyard.

On the verge of a high cliff half a mile east of an ancient promontory fort on Trevelgue Head in St Columb Minor parish near Newquay stand two large and conspicuous Iron Age barrows which are visible for many miles and command a vast panorama of land and sea. They stand near together and are connected by a bank of earth.