West Pentire

West Pentire Cave, photo by June Fullwood

West Pentire Cave, photo by June Fullwood

This is really an extension of Crantock Beach but with a very different environment. The sand dunes give way to the cliffs of Kelsey Head and the beach becomes rockier. We recommend you visit this area at low tide.

Ken Langmaid, a Newquay resident wrote;

“Some of the caves are worth exploring (look out for carvings in the slate sides). Several little sandy spaces among the rocks provide a retreat when the tide comes in and steps lead up to West Pentire village.”

“Exactly at low tide mark is Vugga Cove which has some of the best swimming and diving conditions in the district. When the tide fills it, dozens of swimmers take advantage of the deep sheltered water, the natural diving platforms and the sloped cutting in the rock.”