Spy cove


Towan Head, Newquay by Keith Riley

Towan Head, Newquay by Keith Riley

Unfortunately this cove no longer exists, however older Newquay residents may like to reminisce by reading on …

The tiny cove known as Spy Cove is a favourite of mine. It faces east completely sheltered by the Headland, and often provides the only patch of calm water in the district.

It was here that I first experimented with skin-diving, using a length of rubber tubing tied to a floating inner tube for my air supply and a belt of lead pipe to provide neutral gravity. The underwater scenery just outside the ridge of rock is lovely beyond description. Seaweeds grow in great variety, giving shelter to numerous small sea creatures.

The top of the cove has a minute patch of blown sand (about enough for one picnic party!), sea lavender and sea holly add beauty to the cliffs, and in the rock platform there is the smoothest of natural baths.

Altogether Spy Cove is a delightful place, the only disadvantage being that it loses the sun rather early in the day.

Written by Ken Langmaid in the 1960’s.