Fistral Beach

Fistral is classic ground for surfing, the world championships are regularly held here. A west facing, dune backed beach with golden sand, very popular in the summer months and especially when surfing events are being held so be prepared to share the sands with thousands of other people.[[Image:KRfistral.jpg|left|300px|Fistral Beach]]

Ken Langmaid a Newquay-born resident wrote:
”On the south side (Pentire) are some good rock pools. Here may be found shannies, cushion stars, the squat lobster Galathea (squamifera), rockling, the Father-Lasher, and many other shore creatures.On the north side (Towan Head) part of the sand hills have been excavated to create a car park with shops and cafe. The natural background to the beach are grassy cliffs and sand dunes. The sunsets, when the sea towards Pentire becomes a shimmering red, are worth travelling a long way to see.”