History of the Discover Hayle Project

The Hayle Discovery Map is the third map of this series following on from the success of the Newquay Map  and St Austell Discovery Maps. The Discovery Maps are aimed at encouraging people to find out more about their local community, heritage, history and environment whilst promoting the sustainability message and ways to look after, and, at the same time, enjoy our local environment.

The Discover Hayle Map was initially promoted by Hayle Area Partnership and subsequently adopted and managed by Hayle Town Council. A committe was put together for Hayle including members from Hayle Town Council,Cornwall Council, The National Trust,Cornwall Wildlife Trust,RSPB, AONB, CoaST, Harvey’s Foundry Trust, and SRStudio to name just a few.

Over the course of 2010 information was gathered from every corner of the Hayle area and the skills of Simon Riordan of SRStudio were then put to work in illustrating the beautiful town map and Hayle area map. Three heritage and nature trails were compiled; the Town Trail,the Towans Trail and the Millponds trail using all the information gleaned from local sources and 50,000 copies of the map were finally printed by a cornish printing company, Fourway Print. The map was launched in March 2011 and distributed to local households in the Hayle area with the remainder available Free for local distribution outlets. 2012 saw a further reprint of the map and maps can now be purchased online or at local retailers in Hayle for £1.

This website which supports the Hayle Discovery Map is able to provide even more information than the Map alone; with its interactive maps, suggestions for Car Free Days Out and lots of help in making our lives more sustainable. Produced by SRStudio, it also enables the people of Hayle to have their say on our Facebook page where we expect some lively debates!

The purpose of the website is to improve the communication of Hayle’s community. It is also there to spread the sustainability message, support the ‘car free’ campaign, bring trade into the town from all over the country, and most importantly is a valuable resource for the local people of Hayle, schools and visitors to the area.

This project is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by the local people, public and private sector working together to communicate the sustainability message in a fun and interactive way.

Be part of it … this is a unique opportunity to show ‘one and all’ that your business is a stakeholder in the future of Hayle! The sponsor form can be found under the sponsors section, why not fill it out today!

Meur ras (Thank you)