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  • The Cornwall Discovery Map project is a fantastic example of how local businesses and organisations can come together to produce a very useful and informative piece of literature which not only looks great but contains a huge amount of info to capture the interest of its readers.  It was an ideal project for us to sponsor due to the focus on sustainability and community involvement. The message behind the Maps is really about how to get the most out of your time in Newquay and we hope that many people enjoy their time in and around the town because of it.  We are proud to be involved with this project and hope that it will provide a template for other towns in the future.Lesley Barlow,
    Marketing & Publicity OfficerCornwall County Council’s Passenger Transport Unit (PTU) is responsible for the provision of approximately one third of the local bus service mileage throughout the county which unfortunately would be unable to operate without the assistance of financial subsidy.  The remaining two-thirds of local bus services are run by operators on a commercial basis.  Extra funding from the Government’s Rural Bus Grant has enabled the Council to improve many local bus services in rural areas.

    The purpose of supporting services is two-fold; firstly to reduce social exclusion by providing a reasonable access to services and facilities for those without private transport. Secondly, to seek to increase the proportion of journeys made by public transport and thus reduce car traffic congestion and pollution by providing an attractive alternative to the private car in terms of the quantity and quality of public transport.

    With the aim of reducing social exclusion, support is given to the following:

  • deep rural services that would not otherwise run at all;
  • town services within the smaller Cornish towns;
  • virtually all Sunday and evening journeys on all routes giving some 50% of the population a service at these times.
  • Virtually everyone living in communities over 1000 population have services which run at work, shopping and school times. Half the population have services that run hourly or better through the day, some on 10   minute frequencies.The PTU publishes four fully comprehensive Area Public Transport Guides covering the North, South-East, Mid & West of the county, giving times of all bus services in the area plus information on coach, ferry and air services. They are free of charge and available from Bus Stations, Libraries and Tourist Information Centres. They can also be obtained from the Passenger Transport Unit at County Hall on 01872 322003 or can be ordered via [] or [] To help reduce our print run, please consider printing individual timetables and maps from