It’s all about One Planet Tourism: tourism operating within its environmental, social and economic means, and providing environmental, social and economic benefit. The St Austell Green Discovery Map ticks all the boxes . . . born from the vision, passion and motivation of a CoaST Ambassador, CoaST are proud to have supported the evolution of the Green Discovery maps. The St Austell Green Discovery map is collaboration and collective clout at its best!

CoaST is a tiny but tenacious social enterprise, whose aim is to work towards one planet tourism; a type of tourism which provides benefits to the people, economy and environment, and which operates within our social, financial and environmental means. In other words, the triple bottom line.

Tourism is a massive employer in Cornwall. It provides work for one in five Cornish inhabitants, and is responsible for almost a quarter of the money the county makes each year. So, those of us who live and work in Cornwall rely heavily on tourism, but that tourism itself relies almost entirely on its principal asset: the Cornish physical environment.

And ‘physical environment’ is a fancy way of saying, well, pretty much everything. The natural, historical and culturalheritage; the host communities; the myriad of businesses, support services and infrastructure which serve us and our visitors.
This one industry affects “ and is affected by “ practically everything you can think of: food, transport, accommodation, procurement, energy, waste, water, wildlife, natural environment, retail, people and lifestyles. (It might have been easier to list those things untouched by tourism, but we couldn’t think of any … )

We’re all about joining stuff up, helping people see the connection between what we do and the impact it has economically, socially and environmentally. Then we help them move on to the next bit, two or three things come together and everything starts to add up.
From the work CoaST has already done, we know this is how things really change …
… the real life, blurred-edges, talking, engaging, wasn’t-really-bothered-but-now-I’m-going-to-think-about-it stuff; when someone knows someone else who did this and it really worked; the networking: the can-you-help-me-find eight smaller kettles / understandable advice on solar panels / a community group who can use my unwanted furniture / a way to talk to town residents about our new plans / a firm to pick up plastic bottles /  I knew you’d know who I should talk to / I thought I was the only one, now-it-feels-like-I’ve-found-a-family, all that stuff.
This is how people change their minds; big changes don’t happen overnight, but loads of small changes add up. We all need somewhere to start.  And of the ways we do this is by running a UK wide network to help everyone everywhere figure this out. The CoaST One Planet Tourism Network.