Public Transport in Camborne

Train Station, Camborne

Train Station, Camborne


If we all left the car at home for just one day a week just imagine the benefits this would have on our environment. So before you jump in the car why not decide to try an alternative to those energy guzzling four wheels:

Ok so the first three are not public transport but we have included them anyway!


  • Walk – If your journey is less than a mile the walk will not only help you keep fit, you can also enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Camborne and its surrounding area.
  • Cycle – The area around Camborne is positively crammed with mineral trails that have been resurfaced to create perfect conditions for cycling. No bike? no problem – Bike hire is available at Cross Street, Camborne and at the Bike Barn near Portreath from £15 per day.
  • Car Share – If you do use the car why not share your trip with a friend or neighbour and cut your energy use (and expense!) by half.
  • Take the Bus – By using the bus service you get to enjoy the countryside without the stress of driving and you don’t need to find a parking space at your destination. For more information on bus services visit traveline
  • Take the Train – Travelling by train is the green way to travel and with Camborne lying on the main Paddington – Penzance line the world is your oyster!